Further thoughts…blogging 101

When I started running years ago, I hated it!

I thought, okay I go for a quick run, I do exercise so therefor I am fit enough…

How wrong I was! I barely made 200m… I sounded like an ancient engine. A very noisy one… which is falling apart and needs to be pushed rather than move on its own! My lungs where screaming for oxygen, by legs where heavy and my feet didn’t want to leave the ground.

But I didn’t get up and run after run it got easier…

Sometimes I ran more often, sometimes less. But something changed. I can’t even say what triggered it, but I got obsessed and ran nearly every day… I got injured, hellooooo nice shin splints… Like most runners I made a lot of mistakes which caused injuries and a stop to my training for a while.

When I can’t go for a run I feel terrible and people shouldn’t even talk to me, my mood is that bad. Running relaxes me and after one hour or so, my mind shuts down, I don’t even think anymore, I just run.

At the moment I am still a bit ill. Every day I think, I could run anyway, I don’t feel that bad anymore, but then I hear this little annoying voice which sweetly sings “you are not fully recovered, if you train anyway, it will just get worse…” over and over again. So for once my brain takes over and says “no, no training” as I did this mistake many times in the past.

Next year I want to run marathons. I thought probably I have to do a few (half +) marathons first to try an ultra marathon which is my big goal.

I was browsing some marathon/running blogs here (to learn from others and maybe find someone near my are) and came across

Adam Vazquez


And he did what I would love to do! He started running and run within one year a

  • Half Marathon
  • Marathon
  • Ultra Marathon

That is so inspiring!!! So awesome! So I left a comment and the nice fella replied. Of course I had to follow his blog!!! Out of question!

The rest of the evening and before I went to bed I thought about his blog, how he managed his first ultra  and the struggles which came with it and wondered if I could do all that next year as well?

We will see…


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