Unswerving Confidence (is the secret)

I must admit, I love people who are like me! I love to be surrounded by like-minded people, people who are so confident that you shake your head in disbelieve! People who are able to look under the surface.

Nowadays it is often about looks. The first few seconds are often the critical moments in life. Automatically there are thoughts in our heads and sometimes we don’t even realize that we are already judging someone we don’t even know. 

That’s why it is so important to get to know people before we make up our mind!

A few years ago, I was out with a friend. It was an Elvis 70’s birthday party and I was dancing when all of a sudden I was grabbed and swirled around by someone! I couldn’t help but laugh and just dance with the boy!

And why was that I ask you?

Because the boys confidence was shining out of every single pore of his!!! I was instantly attracted to him! What I have seen was the bright red hair, the shining blue eyes, his slim figure and the oh-so-cool rockabilly clothes!

What I didn’t see was that he actually was a short-arse with thin lips, a huge nose (his nickname was “Woodpecker”) and paper pale skin. He was probably thinner than I am, a smoker and way too young for me!

But if you are confident enough, you can get the hottest one in the room!

When I applied for a job by the airport, I send them a CV with a short line, which went a bit like:

“You should hire me, because

And do you know what? Despite the fact that I was a single mother of two back then and it was shift work, I got the job!!!

And why was that I ask you???

Because I’ve told the Boss, that I can do it, that I really wanted this job!!!

Confidence is the key!

Summer season is always the busiest season at airports. A lot of passengers. A lot of passengers also means a lot of conversations and arguments when it comes to excess baggage and or weight! The thing is, we have had to charge passengers as luggage get checked again before it get transported into the planes. So passengers are requested, to purchase or to take items out of the suitcase!

My speech was always the following:

“You have 3kg too much in your suitcase. Would you like to pay or to take it out?”

Most passengers where so taken aback, that they don’t even try to argue or to deal like they are on a turkish bazar!

And why was that I ask you?


If you want something really really bad, you have to be confident!

Be confident and take what you desire, whether it is the cute guy next door, a pay-raise, the way you want to get your hair cut and not the hairdresser… whatever it is:

Be straight forward, be ruthless and shine like a star!


2 thoughts on “Unswerving Confidence (is the secret)

  1. For someone who lacked confidence and had zero self esteem in the past – just like a little butterfly with my wings cut – well they grew back, bigger and better than before and now I am the most comfortable and confident I’ve ever been x

    Fly high fellow butterflies ❤ x

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