Yes, my fire alarm works!!!

A few minutes ago I went down the street with Cash and Cailleach and stopped in my tracks.

I shushed Cailleach and said “do you hear that? It sounds like an alarm.”

So I went on and wondered where it is coming from and if it is coming from one of the houses what to do. Phone  the fire brigade or knock on the door first?

But when we came closer to our house I realized, it was our fire alarm! So I rushed around the house with the children to open the door and was greeted by smoke coming from the kitchen!

Stupid me has forgotten to turn the oven off! I mean I am famous for (slightly!!!) burning food as I just forget because I do too many things at once but this topped it:

All potato waffle and fish fingers burned. And not only slightly burned so that you could scrape the dark bits off…

Poor babies where very disappointed and asked me with big teary eyes, if they could eat their Halloween sweets. Can’t say “no”, I guess. 

So while I scrubbed the oven, the babies where and still are all happy in front of the tv watching Cbeebies.

But though the windows are all open, here still lingers a quite smokey scent…

Although good to know that the fire brigade doesn’t show up when the alarm goes off and that it stops when you open the windows to let the smoke out!

Not so good to know that the neighbors don’t give a “peep”


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