A typical hectic morning

My alarm went off at 6:15am but despite the fact that I went to bed yesterday at around 8:30pm with a lot of medication, I didn’t feel much better and stayed in bed.

After a while my husband got up for work. And as per usual he got back in to get some underpants… and returned once again just to rummage for some socks  with the comment “don’t give me a tut”, followed by a noisy bang of the door. Does he have to come back in the bedroom??? Can’t he get his clothes ready the evening before???

Because he disturbed my sleep I really needed (no, only because I go to bed early doesn’t mean I get enough sleep, as a) I can’t fall asleep straight away and b) there is a snoring toddler next to me) I couldn’t find my way back into the land of fluffy cotton cloud sheep, I decided to sneak out of bed to do a quick morning exercise-kind-of-thing with 200 squats, 60 belly scissors and a couple of morning-greeting yoga positions and stretching-

All in the dark…(in my underwear) to prevent Cash from waking up. But after 10 Minutes of course he opened his eyes and climbed out of bed. Luckily my older children dressed him, while I finished my morning sport. So I jumped under the shower, got ready myself, gulped down the freshly made smoothie my daughter made.

Than I realized, one child is missing. So I went upstairs. It was 7:45am and Cailleach was still snoring in bed, nobody even thought about to wake her up!

While she was half asleep I put cream on her (poor thing is suffering from eczema quite bad at the moment) and dressed her for school.

After that we rushed down, so she could have her morning coconut cocoa. She didn’t want a bread as, according to her, she doesn’t like jam (she does!!!), she just wanted her smoothie. So I gave her the smoothie and told her to hurry up.

I ran upstairs to get my teeth brushed, ran back down with Cashs and Cailleachs toothbrushes only to find Cailleach still slurping her smoothie with a spoon. Than she jumped up and down, whinging she needs to go to the loo. Of course she doesn’t want to do it alone, she is to little, so she says. But because I was busy, getting Cash somehow in his warm pram suit, she surrendered and went alone… A minute or so later, I heard her sobbing upstairs that she did wee-wee in her nickers only that it wasn’t only her nickers but her trousers and socks too… How I love to change her in the very last second…NOT!

All in all we left the house at 8:20am to walk 1,5 miles to school. 1,5 miles doesn’t seem far, but when it is hilly like it is here, believe me it is far!

Well “walk” is not the correct word, I marched with Cash in the buggy and Cailleach on her buggy board.

Did I mention that she said “I need the buggy board because you can’t be bothered to push me on my balance bike all the way”??? Cheeky thing!

We arrived at school just in time. After I dropped her off, we went to get some fruit. At home I baked a pizza, got interrupted by phone calls and our postie. Lucky me that the house was still clean. Well not immaculate-I-can-eat-from-the-floor clean, but clean enough if you ask me.

While I was waiting for the pizza to bake, I started today’s assignment!

When I am browsing for new blogs, mostly I am looking for funny blogs, sometimes poetry or blogs with similarities to my own life. I am not really interested in politics though I know I should if I want to have a say in developments of any sort!

I browse the reader for new posts, freshly pressed and sometimes I browse the tags. I read the latest post of a blog. Sometimes it is so funny it get’s my attention straight away so that I just have to follow it. Sometimes when I am not so sure, I read the “about” bit. If it is good and intriguing, I add the blog!

So here are the blogs I found funny and interesting (maybe there is something for you as well):

https://mfaconfessions.wordpress.com/ Misty Has A Blog

https://mfaconfessions.wordpress.com/ From The Laundry Room

https://mfaconfessions.wordpress.com/ Laura A. Lord

https://mfaconfessions.wordpress.com/ My Least Favourite Child

https://mfaconfessions.wordpress.com/ BINARYSTHIS

And I added the following tags:

  • Children
  • Family
  • Fashion
  • Jobs
  • Humor

Ding, Ding, Ding… Pizza is ready! I took the pizza out of the oven and sliced the tray in ready-to-eat slices and bit in the first one.

Surely you know those breathless quick “oh”-sigh-is-that-good- noises? I did exactly that and tapped myself on my shoulder. This pizza is/was so delicious! So I hopped on the kitchen counter and ate… IN PEACE until Cash walked into the kitchen. I already prepared a plate for him and together we sat down on the kitchen floor (I love to do that) and ate in unison only to rush back out to pick up Cailleach from school. Back at home she has eaten a bit of the pizza and all of the cheese…

Now she is in bed, Cash fell asleep in his buggy where he still is, on the radio doodles “Young hearts run free” from … I can’t remember her name right now and I am sitting on my notebook, breathing.

As you can see, my mornings are always busy until 12:30. The rest of the day is more relaxed.

Oh, I just heard Cash moving in his buggy… Off I go!


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