I Am Peeved!!!

Yesterday I wanted to start my training for a half marathon I want to run coming spring! My intention was to get up at around 6am 6 times a week to go for runs, make all hills without dragging my tongue behind and to extend the miles!

My clothes where already out next to my bed so I can sneak out when the alarm goes off. To prove it here is a picture I have taken earlier:


But I woke up yesterday still with a sore throat! During the day it got a bit better and I thought “actually I could have went…” So I decided to go for a run this morning despite the fact that I am not feeling too great just to realize this morning after a night of coughing, that it is probably not a good idea because every time I exercise though I am feeling, let’s say unwell, it get’s worse!

So I am a bit in a dilemma. Do I or don’t I go running tomorrow? I hate when I can’t do what I intended to.

Run or not to run, that is here the question…

Guess I will find out tomorrow morning!

And hopefully my mood will improve, as I discovered today that our windows are getting moldy (we live here since august and fair enough it wasn’t cold before and now the cold is seeping through the gaps) + the army has forgotten to pay our rent the past few months. So nice to pay back such a big amount of money before christmass. SIGH. BIG SIGH…


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