Who I am and why I’m here

Hello everyone!

I am Franky (36), mother of 4 children and married to a soldier. Currently we are living in North Yorkshire. We moved here in august and so far we love it, despite the fact that I don’t know a single person here (I find it difficult to make friends, BIG SIGH).

At the moment I am a stay at home mom, but looking forward to work again which brings me straight to the “why I am here” point:

I am here because I am looking for a purpose. I have 2 – 3 years time to figure out what to do with my life and because I always liked to write and  because I find it easier to express myself via writing I opened this blog.

I opened this blog to socialize, to have fun, to make friends and to network. Because I am still quite new to blogging I often feel like a computer-tool-dyslexic and that is why I signed up for “Blogging 101”.

I hope that  maybe I am talented enough to make a living out of writing. Or maybe I meet someone who offers me a total different job opportunity, who knows?

I am an open book, if you have questions get in touch, if you want to talk, drop me a line.

Oh and if some sentences seem odd to you, my apologies, my mother tongue is not english!


6 thoughts on “Who I am and why I’m here

  1. Hello Blogging U classmate!
    Glad to meet you through the course. I am a big Anglophile and studied it in school as well as via pop culture – I love British drama that makes it to North America via public television.

    I am inherently an introvert and I have found that social media (twitter & blogging mostly since FB is your friends already) has made me more social and open to putting myself out there in public as well as it liberating to be able to express my interests and opinions.

    I have always had a great respect for military families who have to pick up and move to new area, especially the Moms that usually are in charge of getting everything done and everyone else settled. I hope you will stay in this area for a while and glad at least for the world of social media that keep people in regular contact. (Although I am trying to get back to writing old fashioned letters sent by post).

    Have a great month blogging! Best wishes.

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  2. Hi Franky.

    I know what you mean when you say you’re looking for purpose. I think when you have children you lose some of your old identity and forget to do (or don’t have time) to do the things that you once enjoyed. Sometimes I feel I’m forever at service to other people and I have to make it a priority to put time aside for me. It is good that you are writing if that is what you love to do. It’s also one of the reasons I started my blog. X

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  3. Hi,
    I’ve popped over from the Blogging 101 Commons. Noticed that you used to have the Fictive theme, which is the one I use for my women of warfare blog. Would have liked to see how another blogger uses it.

    Anyway, about your post, thanks you for your introduction. I hope you do discover your purpose and that your blogging/writing leads to something exciting and meaningful for you and I also hope you’ll make some good friends.
    All the best 🙂

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