He sees my true colours

I just stood in the kitchen, peeling potatoes for an irish stew when

Cindy Lauper’s “True Colours” popped up in radio. I must have heard this song a million times before, but for some reason I stopped peeling the potatoes and listened…

My husband asked me, I don’t know how often, “why do you love me?” and I always replied “because I do!” as I didn’t have a proper answer to his question.

But know I do!

I love my husband because he sees my true colours! He sees me, not the way I look, my clothes or my tattoos, my blue-grey eyes or long brown hair, no, he sees me!

I was always looking for someone who sees the real me and not the outer shell. Once I met an actually nice man. When we have been in a conversation he was all fascinated (normally we women would be touched, right?). But than he said, “you are so exotic, like a beautiful fragile bird…” I know he meant it in a nice way, but that totally put me off, as he didn’t get me…

I was about to give up and decided to spend my days as a single, but than I found him!

So Darling, when you read this:

I love you because you see my true colours!!!


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