Sex Life? I barely know how to spell it!

Sex life… we all have it. Some more, some less, some don’t for a longer period.

The reasons why we often forget that there is something called “sex” which can be quite enjoyable if both parties knows how it’s done,  are simple:

We are too stressed, we are too tired, we don’t fancy our partner as much or worse, not at all, we are ill, we are single and not into one-nightstands, or we are single and into one-nightstands but nothing appealing around us, OR, and this can be a big issue, we have children!!!

Since we have children, our sex life is rather rare, because of some of the above mentioned reasons. Yes, I am often tired or too stressed, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want sex in general (sometimes I get accused of it by husband, but usually he takes it back after he has gotten what he wanted).

Hubby and me we have to be discrete and fast! Which also means, you have to be in the mood (some how) if you want to enjoy it.

If we are lucky at the weekend the children are  out of the house to play. That means for us, we have to have fun straight away- who knows if not one pooped the nappies or someone else forgot to go to the loo?

If we are unlucky and the children are around, it has to be somewhere in the house, locked in a room, barely breathing, frightened that the brute might hear you or try to open the door with the words “what are you dooooing in there???” which can put you off…

Once we have forgotten to lock the door and got caught by one of our daughters who was still little… I don’t need to mention that that was the end of the sex for that day!

Now you might say, “but they won’t live at home forever…” No they won’t, but when they move out, grandchildren will come to stay. And anyway who wants to wait until the birds leave the nest?!

So yes, sex life can be very tricky when you have distractions, no matter whether it is work- health- or child related. But good that there are always ways, like a few days ago when we managed to be all quiet and still had great fun early in the morning!!!

Where there’s a will there’s a way.


2 thoughts on “Sex Life? I barely know how to spell it!

  1. To say “I totally relate to this” would be so redundant as I’m sure everyone commenting will be saying the exact same thing lol
    And can I just say, I think it would be fun to have kids who said, “I have to go to the loo!” I’m Canadian. We amuse easily.

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  2. Little ones quite easy to fob off – adult sons still at home are the bigger problem 😨 they would never enter the bedroom but they do have ears. One evening they came home unexpectedly, I quickly hit the CD player to cover any noise – completely forgetting their was one of the little ones nursery cds in there 😱 try having a shag with “if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands 😁

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