When your husband drives you mental

Nobody has the perfect husband, the perfect wife, partner or friend and that is absolutely fine, because in the end little imperfections are lovely, aren’t they?


MY HUSBAND drives me mental, especially in winter or when he thinks it is cold in the house.

We get along very well, really we do. We rarely argue and if we do, we sort things out by the end of the day.

I can also live with the fact, that when he gets up in the morning after he snoozed the clock several times and has been told by me to get up a 100 times, I can follow his every step. But what really really drives me mental and makes me angry is the following:

He turns the radiators on. In almost every single room of the house! Even in the toilet! IN THE TOILET!!! AND when I open all curtains in the house, a few minutes later he starts to shut them again, because he thinks it is still too early or too late to have them open! The same goes for windows. I open them, he shuts them again. Maybe he is just a bit paranoid?

If he could, he would live like  a bat in a cave. No windows, no air circulation, no light, but somehow a roaring fire!

Never mind to say, that it is getting pretty much on my nerves when he is on leave. Not that I don’t enjoy his company, I do! But when he is at home, I have to fight for my right not to be suffocated due to lack of air and also vitamin d since no sunshine comes through the closed curtains!!!

I know it could be worse, he could beat me (yeah that would be a nice try. Don’t get me wrong, he might be strong, but I on the other hand, am like one of those little tiny dogs who when they attack, they don’t ever let go), spend all our money, cheat or didn’t care about our children…

But still, sometimes when I sweat to death again here at home, searching for a torch, it would be nice if he could be at least a bit more perfect…

or that the radiators break down- all at once!!!


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