True Love (does exist)

Before I met my husband I was profoundly convinced, that “true love” doesn’t exist! Of course when I was a little girl I had the perfect vision of me being married by the time of 30, with two children and  a job I really like.

But though I’ve always been in long term relationships, I never wanted to get married, sooner or later I got the feeling that something wasn’t right and I heard this quiet voice again which said

“Is that really all? Is that it? Isn’t there more???”

Oh how I hated this little sweet devil tongued voice because it meant, I will leave. Again.

My mother used to say “When it is the right one, you will now straight away.” and that made me cringe. A lot! Even my hair on the back of my neck stood up. I just couldn’t believe such nonsense!

Yes, right, when you see him you know it! And I can tell you the future, just ask!

But with gritted teeth I have to admit, she was right!

I met my husband online on a penpal website. Actually I was done with men, as I just got dumped by a guy who wasn’t really my boyfriend but to get told he “isn’t really into it” did hurt my huge ego a lot. However. I was bored one afternoon, so I browsed some profiles and ended up on my husbands. He looked cute. So I read what he had to say and checked where he was from and it turned out, he is a squaddie and I clicked him away because I knew that most of them just want their fun.

But there was something about him so I went back on his profile. I did that around 10 times or so until I decided to send him an email. I just wanted to talk and have a laugh, I didn’t think further that we actually could meet up.

After a while he replied and we started talking and he immediately called me “honey” and “love” and I thought “who does he think he is?!” while grinning like a teenager.

We kept on chatting online and 2 or 3 days later he asked me out. He wanted to come to me by train and I agreed!

On a monday we started chatting and on a friday the same week he visited me.

I was all giddy and couldn’t stop smiling, we switched from online chatting to sms and he also phoned me once before we met.

So on a friday 13th I stood by the stairs next to a platform and looked down. I have worn a black 50s tea dress with white little dots and dark blue peep toes with a little heel, holding a dark red 50s handbag.

And than he walked up the stairs in checkered shorts, short sleeved shirt, a rucksack over one shoulder, a big grin on his lips and all I could think was

Oh my he is so cute, he is so hot!!!

After not even 4 minutes he held my hand while we walked to my car and back at my place he said “I am sorry but I have to kiss you” and he did…  We had so much fun that weekend, my cheeks where burning from grinning and laughing. And for the first time I felt completely content and relaxed and I knew! I just knew…

4 month later on the dot we got married in our favourite city Edinburgh! Sending him an email was one of the best things I ever did. We do think alike, we want the same things and have the same goals in life and a lot in common.

The little annoying voice  in my head, by the way, moved on to someone else…

So yes it is true, when it is Mr. Right, you just know!


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