When I win the lottery

Ever dreamed you won the lottery? No? Sure you did or at least imagined what would it be like, how it would feel! I do that a lot, especially in bed before I fall asleep.

When I would win the lottery I would do the following:

  1. I would buy a Mercedes Benz Viano. Not a new one, one that isn`t older than 2 or 3 years old. One with 8 seats. Awwww a big comfy car where the buggy and children fit in easily must be a bliss!
  2. I would buy this perfect house I found online in Edinburgh. It has one of those 20`s old coloured stone floors in the entrance, fireplaces and a big library which my husband would love
  3. I would sign my children into “Fettes School” in Edinburgh which is a private one.
  4. I would hire an architect to finish my parents house
  5. I would get my dearest friends and family something they really need but can`t afford
  6. IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: I would buy a B&B and would turn it into a kind of “business”. I would give ex army members the opportunity to get their life back on track. Many live on the streets in the UK because they can`t get a job and/or somewhere to live. I would take them in, help them to find a job and also a flat. The first few weeks would be free of charge. Either I would have to finance it myself but hopefully I would find some sponsors for this project. People who fought for their country shouldn`t live on the street!

That is what I would do. Not to bad, I think. If you get something the least you should do is give a little back.

Ah forgot to mention: I wouldn`t be a woman, if I wouldn`t go for a little shopping trip myself!


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