E.E. Cummings Quote

Today I did too many things at a time.

While I tried to set up a Facebook page to connect it with my blog, I also had to check the dinner in the oven (I am famous for burning food!) and every time I left the dining room where I currently sit, my son Cash went straight to my notebook to press all sorts of buttons.

Meanwhile I had to check my invoice for the “Ben Nevis – Winter” Walk (a total of 300,-£ which hurts really bad) from 


but couldn`t purchase it (maybe I am too dumb or too old to use online banking).  Also searching for sponsors online…

Then I needed to reply to the lovely company

“Handbag Makeover” http://www.handbagmakeover.co.uk/ where I send a handbag to I finally recently bought to make it look all nice again.

The food which I took out a minute ago, by the way, survived!

I also set up a second donate site but unfortunately can`t use it yet… Reason why I want another site is, because someone tried to hack my Paypal account- SO NOT NICE!!!

So I`ve been on the internet almost all day, oh and did I mention, I also did the laundry, walked Cailleach to school, went shopping for food (I got several complaints from my family because the fridge was empty) and have to go out again in a minute to get some sport items for my other daughter though my head is spinning?

I don`t know why or how I found this lovely quote:

To be nobody but yourself
in a world that`s doing it`s
best to make you somebody
else, is to fight the hardest
battle you are ever going to
fight. Never stop fighting.

E.E. Cummings

That just made my day because it is so true! Enough said for today!


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