Sporty Life Challenges Part II

I tried to add a site to my blog but for some reason it didn`t work, I just can`t find the site and it also seems that I am to dumb to add a Paypal link properly (any advise would be greatly appreciated). But okay here I go again:

Yesterday I applied for the “Ben Nevis – Winter” Walk and as I mentioned before, I am very excited because this is the very first timer ever, I do something on my own!

You don`t believe me? Well here are some examples of my life in the past:

When I was little I rather stayed inside than playing outside on my own
In school I stayed on the bench during break until break was over or someone asked me to play with her
When it was weekend and no one had time to go clubbing I also stayed at home
I never went to the pictures on my own or to a bar or to a cafe

The point is, I never did something alone because I am to shy to make the first move when it comes to approaching people. I was always the skinny girl, always shorter than everyone else, standing on her own…

I need to change that!!!

And I thought to myself, I would like to do a lot of those challenges like the winter walk and here in the UK are a lot of opportunities. The thing is, those opportunities are often charity ones (which is a good thing of course) and come with travel costs etc. And to be honest, I don`t have that much money to participate in as many I would like.

I want my dreams to come true, I don`t want to miss out!!! No one should!

And do you know what I also thought? Maybe that is my purpose! To participate in challenges to show women like me, that we can make it, that the little shy girl belongs to the past! That I built up something.

And that is why I need support! Yes money-wise, equipment-wise,

I need a sponsor

In return the sponsor can expect me to keep him/her up to date, I will wear they`re clothing, promote their companies. I will upload pictures from the events, will mention them and add links!

I know nowadays money is tight, but even if you are not able to donate, it would be great to share my page. And in case you can donate, here is the link:

The link should direct you to my Paypal donation site!

Thank you for your time!


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