What ever you do, don`t lower your expectations!!!

For some reason I was always drawn to the bad guys. Or better they where drawn to me. I never looked for a boyfriend, they came to me like flies  to a cow!

I experienced gamblers, street fighters, druggies, psychos (the really bad ones like really really evil ones with twisted minds), mentally unstable still healing from a previous relationship…. you name it.

For different reasons it never worked out so that things ended sooner or later.

When I talked to my grandma, she said, “Well child, I think you should come down from your high horse and lower your expectations, you can`t have it all.” But I went “No, why would I do that? I don`t want to miss out on anything and lower my expectations would be exactly that!”

Another relationship ended and I remembered what my grandma said to me and I thought, maybe she is right, maybe my expectations are really too high. How likely is it to find someone who meets my standards?! It`s like the needle in the haystack. Very difficult if not impossible to find!

I decided to give it a go. I met a nice boy and we have been together 4 years in total. I did lower my expectations. For example was he younger than me, which normally puts me off as I am attracted to older men, but okay he was sweet and good-looking (grin). Unfortunately we  didn`t have anything in common but I thought, that is okay people say that can work.

But it didn`t. The last year was just a drought. I put a lot of effort in to make the relationship work because I didn`t want to fail again but at some point I realized, there was no love and it had to end. And the fact that I felt there isn`t much coming back from him didn`t help either! I also  realized that I shouldn`t have lowered anything as it was just a waste of time despite the nice time we once had!

I always wanted a man who is similar to me, mind wise. With a lot in common, looks is a minor matter but definitely  a plus if the desired person is a hottie!

So no! You shouldn`t lower your expectations! Follow your heart don`t listen what your brain whispers. Your heart and your guts are always right and in the end you will get there (I did)!


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