Lost Love

You left me shivering out in the cold

Was that not enough?

You gave me fever when you kissed me

But you shut me out of your world

Was that not enough?

So many words left unspoken

Why does it hurt so much?

Sadness embraced us taking us down

Was that not enough?

You are gone, left me broken

Was that not enough?

Searching for my heart I am tired I wish to give up

Now, now that is enough!

10 thoughts on “Lost Love

  1. LOTS of emotion here! Sometimes poetry is us….our real feelings. Other times we put on an imaginary hat and write about what an imaginary person must be feeling in a too real situation. My hope is that if this is you, you’re really living the last line too….”now, now, that is enough!” and feeling very good about yourself — as you are obviously one talented person! 🙂
    Today is a bright sunshiney smiling day!

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  2. You took a moment that changed something for you and decided to share it, that shows strength. More than most people have. And you shared it in a very eloquent way that communicated how you felt and feel, that’s amazing.
    Glad it left you stronger. Well done!!!


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