Never forgotten

Granny used to throw us out

Deep deep in the forest you thought

The snow was glistening in the winter sun

You and me on our bikes

It was so much fun

You smile at me as it begins to snow

We stick our tongues out and begin to glow

Today I am out in the forest all on my own

Gone are the funny days and I frown

Dearly you are missed and I start to cry

wondering why is that why oh why

5 thoughts on “Never forgotten

      1. I’m sorry for your loss. I lost one grandfather to a heart attack in his sleep, his wife to Alzheimer’s disease. My other grandfather was almost 93 – an emergency complication requiring a surgery that no one would do at his age; his wife died 5 years later of stroke. My mom, the saddest of all – pancreatic cancer took her from me. Loss is loss and it can be so hard.


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