If you could time travel, what would you give yourself for advise? Would you travel back in time? Would you say something to your younger self or would you just watch? Would you want to change your past or would you do everything exactly the same?

If I could travel back in time to meet myself, it would be just the day before I met my ex and father of two of my children. I would tell her (me), that if she goes to work tomorrow a good-looking young man will come in the tattoo shop to get a piercing done. I would warn her not to get blended by his looks and his bright smile as he is a mummy´s darling. That this man is constantly broke and that your friends will not even like him.

And if she still doesn´t believe me, I will also tell her, that she will have two children with him to whom he is very impatient and that they cry a lot around him. And when she says, that when she is not going on a date with him, she will not have those wonderful children, I will return that there are a specific number of souls, souls of little babies meant for every woman on this earth and that this two wonderful children will come, just a bit later with the right man.

I would continue, telling her after 2 years he will make her cry every day and that she will ask herself, what she is doing wrong, that she looks very unhappy, from the inside as well as from the outside. And after 3 years he will cheat and will split up from her, that he doesn´t even pay child support for a couple of years and even then, that she has to beg for every single penny and also that he is not interested much in the little ones, never calls, emails and only sees them 3, maybe 4 times a year! Also will he threaten her, to take the children away via court only because she doesn´t have much time as she has to work so much to get food on the table and clothes on their bodies!!!

And when she finally agrees to stay away from this man, she might ask me about the future. The only thing I would tell her is that as per usual we took the rocky way, that we had ups and downs but that we are finally and truly happy.

I would hug my younger self good-bye and leave.

I did a lot of stupid things in my life (who doesn´t?!), I made wrong decisions, but I don´t regret anything!!! Nothing!

Except getting involved with my ex.

But we all learn from our mistakes and what doesn´t kill us makes us stronger.


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