How to keep the spark alive???

When you fall in love, you see everything through pink glasses (at least I do, my brain only works partially)!

You want to see each other as often as possible, you can barely keep the hands off each other and have loads of hot steamy sex and you are 100% certain, that this state will last forever, even when you are old and move in snail pace. You get told, once you get married and time goes by it won´t be like that anymore. Sex will be a rarity. You laugh them in the face, saying “yeah, whatever…”

Than reality hits you and you must admit, they where right! Why did it change? When did it change? What happened to all the nice sex sessions? The snogging and making out in dark corners, the oh so tender stroke down-under in the pictures where no one can see (oi! just to check if everything is still in place of course). The sleepy from behind (no one likes morning breath, not even when you are fresh in love) morning sex.

Don´t get me wrong, I do have sex with my hubby. And I still find him hot. Even more now that he shred over 20 kg and got more tattoos (the more the better). Sometimes we have sex twice a week but it also happens, that we don´t have sex for a whole month. Yes, I know it could be worse: Only to special occasions.

When we have sex it is often in passing. Why? Because we have 4 children which are never in bed before 9 o´clock and I don´t like the mental image of us having sex, while they are downstairs watching tv. I would be too frightened someone opens the door. And when we finally have sex, it is a quickie in the bathroom or downstairs in the livingroom, because our youngest still sleeps in our bed and no, no, noooooooooo… I can´t do it, when our son sleeps next to us. NO!

Sometimes though we get the opportunity, but then I am just too tired. That is no excuse. I get up at 6:30 and am busy with children, preparing food, workout (5 – 6 days to stay sane), walking to school, going for walkies, to the playground and also I have to keep the house clean and once my youngest is in school as well, I honestly hope, to find a job. So who can blame me, that I am too tired?

Question is: How do I keep the spark alive? I know it mustn´t be sex in particular, a nice couple day out would be lovely as well. Which could end in…. you know what (GRIN).

Maybe I should move our little one out of our bed and in his own one, helloooo long-lost morning sex!!! I mean, men are simple. They are happy when they get regular sex! And women? Well I would be happy with a handbag (for my defence, I only own one!) or with the french bulldog I wanted for so long, but hubby keeps saying no, laugh.

What about roleplay? Well I don´t think that would be something for us and it is not, that our sex life is boring, when we have sex, it is great, though he needs to improve his “how-to-spank-wifey-properly-skills” but that is another story.

Guess the answer is as easy as this: Make time for each other somehow!


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